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No Hoodies and Sweatshirt Uploads for Tiers 10 and 25: Why???

Hello Amazon,

Why were Tiers 10-25 not included in being able to upload designs on hoodies and sweatshirts?

As everyone knows, tier 10-25 is the hardest tier to be at, without having to purchase all your inventory in order to tier up.

Awaiting your response. Thank you.

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Smug commented

10x different designs on tshirt only, 10x more likely to sell something.

or 1x design on 10 different products. if it's crap then sell nothing.

They are helping you by not letting you spread yourself thin.

If you knew anything you'd know t10-t25 is a cakewalk. If you need to buy yourself out of those tiers you're doing it wrong. You only need to sell 10-25 things to get out of those tiers. That's nothing.

You list 10 different designs on tshirts and see what sells. If you sell 10 different shirts then you tier up and you now how 10 proven designs to put on Long sleeves, sweatshirts and hoodies.

If you can't sell your way out of t10, what chance do you have getting out of t100. Stop acting like amazon owe you answers as to why. You chose to use the program, they didn't force you. Play by their rules or get out of their house, simple really.

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This was an honest and maybe naive question directed to Amazon. I thought this forum was for all who has questions. Did not expect to be put down for an honest question. I know Amazon does not owe me anything. Why would I even think that?

You must be one frustrated seller.

Still waiting for an Amazon employee to respond...

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It was probably the multiple question marks the tone of your question that resulted in this response. Regardless of how he told you, his points are all valid. If something is not selling, pull it, and put something new in it's place.

t10-25 are critical in teaching you how to properly manage your designs, get sales, and more.

That being said, sweatshirts and long sleeves are much harder to sell than standard shirts. They would definitely require knowledge gained from previous tiers.

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Wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! You should not be on this forum - period!

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FocusedOnResults commented

Dear New User - While I can appreciate your question, I can also appreciate the response given to you above that is before my response.

Like any other business, you are coming in at the bottom and as you meet each level of advancement, Merch opens more options - higher tiers, additional clothing options and whatever else they may have in store.

I don't agree that tier 10 - 25 is the hardest to be in as that is not the case for many. There is a learning curve and like many (including myself) your design ideas may change as you progress and discover the demographic of your average buyer.

I do advise that you invest in marketing your designs. Test and measure the response of the campaign and either repeat the successful action or tweak the marketing.

I wish you the very best and hope to see you post again in this forum that you have reached tier 100.

Best regards.

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