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When will I hear back about my invitation request to Merch?   


We appreciate all the interest everyone continues to show for joining Merch by Amazon. This program is resonating with creative groups and small businesses -- the response is incredible.

Merch by Amazon is currently invitation only, but we’re working nonstop to add more capacity and grow this community. We continue adding printers, people, and systems to support the process and will continue allowing in new content creators as space is available. Our goal is to support all the sales that everyone has been making with their unique designs.

If you have submitted an invitation request on the website, we will contact you at the email used to submit the request once an opening available. At this time we have no information on standard waiting times or how long it will take to be accepted. We receive a high amount of requests every day and unfortunately we are not able to answer each one with an individual status update.

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