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Addressing Bad Reviews Due to Printing Errors

*Edit* This is not a post asking what I can do. This is a post identifying a problem that affects many of us, please leave feedback on this post for Merch to see (voice that this also affects your business and offer problem solving ideas) and hopefully Merch will begin to consider this a higher priority and address it soon in the future.

So, I know I'm not the only one affected by this. I've had a few listings where the customer left a bad review because of printing errors/quality control issues. It happens.

Recently however, I had one that really hit me hard. I have written MBA support, but in typical fashion of Merch Support, I got the cold shoulder, a generic response, and was dismissed for any further assistance.

I have a new design that I created myself. It turned out beautiful, I was quite proud of it and knew it would sell well so I listed it and started running amazon ads to boost its visibility. I got several sales almost immediately and things were looking good. I did not yet make the money back invested in the advertisement, but it was looking good to be a frequent seller.

THEN comes in the FIRST and ONLY review, at 2 STARS. Why? The print was off center!! and that was clearly addressed in the review, and I haven't sold a single shirt since then. I have checked the source file and it is 100% centered.

On top of all that.. I continued to run ads after the review was left, got clicks, spent money, no more sales. Then I noticed the review.

SO I PAID AMAZON MONEY, an amazon employee messed up, and now I will continue to lose money on my investment because customers are going to think the design is off center since there are no other reviews stating otherwise and no way to address it, AND the shirt has since stopped selling, all while Amazon continues to make profits. This is not OK.

Ok, so this kinda thing happens. I get it. BUT what can we do about changing Merch so that we are not affected by it in the future?

I have some ideas, maybe not a perfect solution, but a step in the right direction.

First, customers do not know these are printed on demand by Amazon. If they did, they would know that one printing error does not mean the next print will be bad. As a customer I would assume these are batch printed and that the entire batch is bad.

So, how can we let the customer know that these are printed on-demand and that a printing error can be resolved? I feel like if the customer knew this, then a negative review would not affect the customer's decision making progress.

Any other ideas..?

Please like the idea so we can get the attention of merch to actually start addressing this...

I just paid money to lose money, while amazon gets richer. very frustrating, to say the least.

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Nothing you can do. You are just the designer.

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So this attitude hurts more than it helps. I do think Merch wants to address this, yet it is extremely low on their priorities. Also, this is not a post asking about what can I do, rather a post about addressing the issue, finding solidarity in how many of us are affected and want it addressed, and motivating Merch to start creating a solution. But with that attitude of yours 100% nothing will change. Voice your concerns, offer your ideas for solutions.

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Well, iffn you don't like the Amazon rules and the way things are run here, there are hundreds of other print on demand companies where you can upload your designs.
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