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Now You Can Access (and Create) Customized Lists From Your Skills!

Last month we announced List Events in Alexa skills, a feature that allows your skill to get notified when customers add or remove items to their lists on Alexa. Today, we are happy to announce that customers can now create and organize lists of their own choice to capture everyday ideas, plans, and tasks.

Customers can now create shopping lists for individual stores ("Alexa, create a Whole Foods shopping list") or organize their individual To-do lists ("Alexa, add ‘clean the garage’ to John's to-do list"). Finally, customers can also use Lists to plan upcoming activities ("Alexa, add book hotels to my Costa Rica list"). All the lists are accessible on the go via the Alexa app and supported list skills.

Read the the full Blog Announcement here.

Announcement FAQ

Ready to start diving in? Check out the documentation on integrating Lists into your skill.

Development FAQ

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"All the lists are accessible on the go via the Alexa app ..."

Is the above a US-only thing ? I'm in the UK and can create custom lists from a skill but the custom lists don't appear in the Alexa app. Also, I can't create custom lists from the Alexa app, I'm stuck with Shopping/To Do.

This is very annoying as I have some plans for custom lists and entering items from the App but can't progress as there is no integration.

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