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Removing the "uses-amzn-sdk" tag from your Android manifest

When submitting an app to Amazon Appstore prior to 2015 in the “Binary File(s)” tab of your Developer Portal account, you might have seen this message:

New Manifest Field

We've added a new manifest field, <uses-amzn-sdk>, to avoid compatibility issues that may cause app crashes. Failure to provide this field will not bar you from submitting your app, but please be aware that it may delay your submission if we detect compatibility issues.

In 2015 we deprecated the <uses-amzn-sdk>tag for both Fire OS 5 and Fire OS 6. Therefore, if you have the following tag in your app’s manifest, <uses-amzn-sdk>, remove it. This tag relates to the old Fire OS SDK add-on. Check to see if you declare <uses-amzn-sdk> in your AndroidManifest.xml file. If so, remove this tag (and any dependencies on it in your code). The <uses-amzn-sdk> tag is no longer used in apps on Fire TV.

Other supported Amazon SDKs, such as Mobile Ads SDK, are still available. When implementing these SDKs, do not include the now obsolete <uses-amzn-sdk> tag in your Android manifest file.

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