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How will I get paid if I qualify to receive Cash Rewards for Alexa Skills?


Amazon allows international developers in a number of supported countries to receive electronic payments. Depending on your bank’s location, you may be eligible for either direct deposit or wire payments. If your bank’s location is not eligible for electronic payments, your payment will be made by check, one check per marketplace outside of the U.S., issued in the currency of the enabled marketplace.

To determine if you are eligible for electronic payments, sign in to your Developer Portal account and select your bank’s location from the “Where is your bank/financial institution?” drop-down menu.

Based on this selection, if electronic payment is available, you will be prompted to choose between electronic payment or check, one payment per marketplace outside of the U.S. For electronic payments, the currency of your payment is determined by your bank’s location. Please consult with your financial institution to determine if there are any fees associated with receiving electronic payments.

If you do not wish to be paid by electronic payment, non-U.S. developers may choose to be paid by check in the currency of the Amazon marketplace in which your skills are available. You will receive a separate check for each marketplace in which your skills are available.

Prior to Amazon issuing a payment for a marketplace, the payment must meet the applicable threshold based on your payment type and the currency of that marketplace:

Direct Deposit: $0 USD, €0 EUR, £0 GBP,

Wire: $100 USD, €100 EUR, £100 GBP,

Check: $100 USD, €100 EUR, £100 GBP,

Provided your balance due exceeds the payment threshold, we will remit payment approximately 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which the customer usage of the Skill occurred. For example, we would remit payment for customer usage of Skills that occurred in April at the end of May , which is approximately 30 days after the end of April.

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