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Underground Actually Free Program FAQ – 2017 Update

When will Amazon stop accepting new Underground apps?

We will stop accepting new app submissions on May 31st 2017.

Can I continue submitting updates for Underground apps?

You will be able to continue submitting version and metadata updates to your existing Underground app until the program ends in 2019.

Will Underground apps be available to customers after the program ends?

Customers will not be able to download additional Underground apps after we close the program in 2019. Customers will continue to have access to Underground apps that they have already downloaded, after the program is discontinued in 2019, as per our Distribution Agreement.

How long will Underground apps generate royalties?

Our royalty terms have not changed.We pay per-minute royalties for apps in the Underground program while the apps are available for purchase in the Underground store and for a 6 month wind-down period afterwards.

Have royalty calculations changed?

No, royalty calculations have not changed.

If you have any further questions about the Underground Actually Free program, please submit your inquiry via “Contact Us

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