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Build More Engaging Skills with Device Address API and Gain Insights with the New Metrics Dashboard

Today we introduced the Device Address API and a new metrics dashboard for Alexa skills. Use these new features to build more engaging Alexa skills. Learn more here.

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Just love the new metrics dashboard which is of great assistance. One point of feedback in making it easier to navigate between a lot of skills would be adding the ability to choose a skill based upon typing the skill name in this box. That is, in the 'Jump to metrics for: Select a skill' drop-down box it would be really fast to navigate between skills by just typing the skill name such as 'Hide and' and it would show all skills starting with this name e.g. Hide and Seek, Hide and Go, Hide and Run, etc and then the user could quickly choose the skill of interest. and other companies analytics and otherwise have such dynamic drop-down boxes which really speeds up the process. Again, thanks for such a great new metrics dashboard and for all of your hard work in always improving AWS and I sent this to Amazon Appstore Customer Service under General Feedback as well.

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Hi, thanks for sharing your feedback.

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