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​Service Message: Update to the AVS EU Endpoint

A change to the AVS EU endpoint is scheduled for next week. If you have launched a product with AVS in the EU or are building a product with AVS for the EU, please refer to the service message below:

The current SSL certificate for the AVS EU endpoint,, will expire on 8-Apr-17. A new certificate was renewed on 20-Mar-17 and will be installed on 5-Apr-17 (“Install Date”). In order to validate the updated certificate, the system time of your product must reflect current UTC (universal time coordinated). This update is not expected to present any issues. However, if the system time of your product is earlier than 20-Mar-17 on the Install Date (5-Apr-17), the validation will fail causing your product to terminate the connection with AVS. If this occurs, normal operation with AVS will be restored when system time is updated to current time.

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