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Introducing Conexant's Development Kit for Amazon Alexa

Dear Alexa Developer,

We’re excited to announce the Conexant AudioSmart™ 2-Mic Development Kit for Amazon AVS, a commercial-grade reference solution that streamlines the design and implementation of audio front end systems. This solution works with our updated Java sample client for Raspberry Pi, which also includes music certification enhancements. This kit features Conexant’s AudioSmart™ CX20921 Voice Input Processor with a dual microphone board and Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree™ wake word engine tuned to “Alexa”.

Learn more about Conexant’s AudioSmart™ 2-Mic Development Kit for Amazon AVS

The Conexant AudioSmart™ 2-Mic Development Kit for Amazon AVS is a cost-effective, hands-free solution for adding Alexa to your product.Additional solutions coming in 2017 will deliver fully integrated, high-performance far-field reference designs that make it easier to build and launch products with Alexa. These kits will include an integrated suite of service APIs, client software, chipsets, and voice processing technologies that reduce development costs and accelerate the Alexa integration process.

Register as an AVS developer now to be one of the first to hear about additional reference solutions and designs with Alexa coming in 2017.

- Alexa Voice Service Team

Ready to build and launch a new product with Alexa? We updated our UX Guidelines to help you design the best voice experience for your products, and published new marketing and brand guidelines for commercialization.

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I purchased the Conexant Dev Kit and followed the very nice tutorial Amazon posted on Github to integrate it with a Raspberry Pi 3 to create an AVS system that works really well.

But I haven't been able to find the documentation or guidance I need to add some important functionality. In particular, I need to automate the login to Amazon on startup so that the required services start in the correct order, and no user keyboard/mouse input is required to use the device after a power cycle.

I also want to connect LEDs to the RasPi GPIO header to indicate when the device recognizes the wake word and plays a response. But it's not obvious where in the codebase the GPIO pins should be activated.

Can anyone point me toward the documentation for the code installed by the dev kit that I need to modify to add these features?

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