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Why does my app require capabilities not present on target devices?


First generation Fire Game Controllers feature the GameCircle beach ball button. When pressing this button games with GameCircle support launch the GameCircle overlay. Games without GameCircle support display a “Game Paused” dialog. For all other apps the user is returned to the Games screen of the launcher.

Even when GameCircle functionality has been integrated, it is possible that the GameCircle summary will not overlay onto your game display when the beach ball button is pressed. This experience happens only if you install your game on a Fire TV device via file transfer (sideloading) rather than downloading it through the Amazon AppStore. In this scenario, Fire TV doesn't recognize that the game is GameCircle-enabled, so it displays the screen shown for non-GameCircle games. This issue does not affect your game's ability to display the overlay via an API call (such as with showAchievementsOverlay()), and is not a factor with the beach ball soft key on Fire tablet devices. Players who install your game through the AppStore will see the correct GameCircle overlay.

You can verify that the problem doesn't affect games downloaded from the AppStore by testing your game with Live App Testing. This new tool lets you do real-world testing before your game goes live, including distributing your app via the Amazon AppStore to a limited set of testers and testing against all Android and Amazon devices, including Fire TV and Fire phone.

Note: You'll also get the non-GameCircle screen if you haven't yet published any leaderboards or achievements AND you're not using a test account. In this scenario, you would get the non-GameCircle screen in response to API calls and on Fire tablet devices as well Fire TV. To resolve this issue, publish at least one achievement or leaderboard in the Amazon Developer Console. Alternatively, set up a test account (also in the Developer Console), and use it to view draft achievements and leaderboards in the GameCircle overlay.

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