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Amazon Mobile Ads SDK 2.2.15 for iOS

Amazon Mobile Ads (2.2.15) — Aug 30, 2016

Compatibility notes:
  • Amazon Mobile Ads API and iOS 9 App Transport Security
New features:
  • Bitcode has been enabled for the SDK framework
  • Compatible with iOS 10 (beta)
  • Migrated web request calls from NSURLConnection (deprecated in iOS 9) to NSURLSession
  • In-app browser now uses SFSafariViewController on iOS 9.0 and above
  • Removed support for iOS 7.0. SDK now supports 8.0 and newer.
Resolved issues:
  • Fixed deep-linking issues
  • Other minor bug fixes

To download the Amazon Mobile Ads iOS SDK v. 2.2.15, visit this page:

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