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How to use Receipt Verification Service


Receipt Verification Service (RVS) enables validation of purchases made by your app's users from your own server. Amazon recommends calling RVS from only a secure server, because it hosts the shared secret. You should not call this service from your app.

The following workflow describes the basic process for verifying purchase transactions:

  1. An user completes an in-app purchase.
  2. Get the receiptID returned to the onPurchaseResponse() callback.
  3. Send the transaction's userId and receiptId from your app to your server.
  4. Send a request from your server to RVS to verify the receipt.
  5. Send the result of the RVS verification back to your app.
  6. If the receipt is valid, fulfill the item. Note that this can mean to fulfill an in-game consumable, non-consumable, or to push content to a device for a subscription.

Please check here for more information:

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