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Copycat Update

We have received your feedback regarding pixel for pixel copies of your designs and have improved our workflow to respond more effectively. Please re-submit your notices through our IP infringement form:

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Amazon Warrior avatar image Amazon Warrior commented ·

I've submitted so many, and none of them have been removed. Please advise what dropdown selections we should use when submitting pixel for pixel copies.

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Amazon Customer avatar image Amazon Customer commented ·

I submitted Copyright infringement reports on three sellers over three weeks ago and they're still available. I dont understand why it takes so long? These are my original designs that i spent many hours creating and have been stolen pixel for pixel, including the erasure of my copyright mark.

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Blessed to be in the US avatar image Blessed to be in the US commented ·

Since the forums were moved, what is the actual date of this post? I have spent lots of time submitting many IP infringement forms, and the pixel for pixel copycat products are still there. I received a notice that products in violation would be removed on 4/26/16, 5/15/16, and 5/19/16, and those products are still live, the dishonest copycat seller profiting off my original artwork. It is very frustrating. My most recent IP form submission was on 5/17. If I need to resubmit, what date should I go back to? Thank you.

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L. Frase avatar image L. Frase commented ·

I reported an infringement, but the answer I received asked questions about manufacturing and trademark. Is there a particular department that needs to see the infringement issues specifically for Merch that we should include in our complaint? I don't think all of the departments in Amazon are fully aware of the Merch program yet.

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L. Frase avatar image L. Frase commented ·

I just resubmitted my complaint, and tried to explain that this is a Merch by Amazon issue. I would like to suggest that there is a different form / email created specifically for Merch by Amazon IP infringement with people assigned to work these cases that know about MBA, and understand the issues. I think that the people receiving the complaints are not all familiar with the program, and do not realize what is going on, so they send irrelevant questions, or make mistakes and remove the incorrect listings. Please take this idea into consideration.

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