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How to update the In-App Purchasing v1 plugin for Unity to work in Lollipop   


Issues related to the Amazon SDK Tester (stand alone application for testing your applications) and IAP sandbox mode were found in regards to Android L (Android 5.0). Though this was fixed in the bugfix release of the In-App Purchasing SDK (V 1.0.20), the Unity plugin is based on 1.0.3, so extra steps are needed to update the SDK within a Unity project to the latest version.

For more information on the SDK, see here:


As stated, you must simply update to the latest version of the SDK if you are having issues, but if you are using a cross platform SDK such as Unity, extra steps are needed:

Either create a new Unity project or use an existing one, and import the In-App Purchasing SDK from the Assets menu. You can do this by selecting 'Import Package', and then 'Custom Package'.

(You can find the Unity plugin under Apps-SDK > Android > InAppPurchasing > PreviousVersions > 1.0 > Plugins > Unity.)

You should then find an in-app-purchasing-1.0.3.jar file under Assets > Plugins > Android. You should then remove this .jar file, and replace it with the updated version found in Apps-SDK > Android > InAppPurchasing > PreviousVersions > 1.0 > libs by dragging it into your project under Assets > Plugins > Android.

Finally, if you have not implemented Amazon In-App Purchasing before, you will need to change your AndroidManifest.xml file, and you can do this by going to the Amazon options menu in Unity after the plugin is imported. Select 'Generate AndroidManifest.xml' before using the API, and your project should then be set up correctly with the updated .jar.

See here for more information:

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