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Android 5.0 adds Exoplayer as a more flexible and extendible media player   


Exoplayer is a new mediaplayer for android that is a middle ground between the almost total abstraction that the default mediaplayer uses and the MediaCodec and MediaExtractor for very low level work. Exoplayer gives the ability to use additional features that would traditionally require a third party media player, such as DASH and SmoothStreaming. Since Exoplayer is built atop the MediaCodec and MediaExtractor APIs, it requires a minimum API level of 16 to function properly. Because ExoPlayer is built directly on the lower level media APIs, there is a much greater ability to customize the player. You can declare custom containers with SampleSource if you use a custom codec or conainer format, use a custom TrackRenderer to handle media other than audio, video, or text, and still get access to the main media playback features. Additionally, you can use ExoPlayer to playback DRM protected content by using the DrmSessionManager class.


More information can be found here, including implementation steps:

ExoPlayer Source:

ExoPlayer Video from Google:

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