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New features in the WebView Update


From Android 5 release, WebView has been updated to Chromium M37.

This adds the support for the following features:

WebRTC - Open project that provides Real-Time communications capabilities without plugins to the browsers and smart phones.


WebAudio - High-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications. Before the HTML5 element, Flash or another plugin was required to break the silence of the web. While audio on the web no longer requires a plugin, the audio tag brings significant limitations for implementing sophisticated games and interactive applications.


WebGL - JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D computer graphics and 2D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins.


WebComponents - Allows for the creation of reusable widgets or components in web documents and web applications. Web components consist of 4 main elements which can be used separately or all together.


Additional to the above features, WebView adds new PermissionRequest class to allow access to protected device resources like the camera and microphone. Also with WebChromeClient#onShowFileChooser method, you can now launch file chooser to select images or files for an input form field from Android device.


From Android 5, the Chromium layer is now updated separately from the OS version and is updatable through Google Play as "Android System WebView" app. This will increase the speed of releases on the enhancements and bug fixes for WebView. As of today(2015/02/20), beta version of Chromium M40 is available for download.

Steps to install WebView Beta version:

Join WebView Beta Channel community on Google+ Sign up as beta tester Install "Android System WebView" from Google Play

Any Chromium related issues should be reported and can be viewed from the following:

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