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Why is my live app test not showing up on my device?


There may be several reasons a list app test is not showing up on your device:

  1. The live app test is not yet live. Live app tests can take several hours to publish. Make sure that you have gotten the invitation email and the test shows “test-in-progress” in the developer portal.
  2. Even after the invitation email has been received, it may take some time for the latest build to show on the actual device. If you have just received the email, please wait some time and try again, and the build may be downloaded to the device.
  3. The new build may not be compatible with the device you are attempting to test on. To check device compatibility, you can go to the developer portal and on your app’s “binary files” tab, there will be a button to view device support for the current binary. If you are still having issues getting your binary downloaded on your device, contact us at

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