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Amazon Music Prime tier changes on the Devices API

As you may have heard already, Amazon Music rolled-out a change to our subscription tiering behavior on November 1st 2022. With this update we made our entire music catalog available to Free and Prime Music customers so that it is now available across all our tiers; Free, Prime and Unlimited. The new differentiation is, with amazon Music Prime songs can only be played in shuffle mode and customers are limited to 6 skips per hour. We made every effort to update our API and test devices so that there would be no impact on your integration and would require no client side code changes.

To support the new feature we changed the API in the following way,

For Amazon Music Unlimited customers:

  • No change in experience

For Prime Customers only:

  • For all content, tracks are vended one at a time during playback, similar to stations behavior.
    • Playables will be vended with chunks containing single tracks only. The previous pointer will most likely be null since the skipping to the previous track is not permitted with the new Prime tier.
  • Track listings are no longer available.
    • Search will not return tracks
    • Playlists and Albums just include the first track to be played.
    • The expected UX will be for shuffle play based on the selection when selecting Albums or Playlists
  • Skip limits will be enforced server side.
    • If a customer requests the next track, and the skip limit was reached, the current track will be returned with “[Skip Limit Reached]” appended to the title.
  • My Music includes a new node with purchased content, users will be able to play purchased tracks on demand.

For Amazon Music Free Tier customers:

  • This Tier is not supported by our Device API

For detailed instruction on how to manage playback on you device see our API documentation on the Developer Portal. And feel free to post questions and comments here, our team is watching the forum and is available to help.

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