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New ACK resources released on ACK developer console(March-2022)

Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) has released new resources on ACK developer console on 03/08/2022.

What is released?

This release consists of an updated ACK Firmware 1460 for ACK Module with MediaTek chipset, an updated Module Utility, an updated ACK Device SDK 3.5, 4.2 and an updated ACK Firmware 0068 for ACK Module with Espressif chipset. New resources are available on ACK developer console resources page. All new resources consists of feature updates and bug fixes. See release notes for information.

We have also added new features on ACK Developer Console and updated our developer documentation. Developers can now create up to 5 ACK virtual products under single developer account. They can also configure Alexa Cooking interface on their virtual products through product editing page on ACK Developer Console.

Are there any actions for ACK partners?

Yes. Latest ACK Module Firmware's will be released to factories by April 4, 2022 and they will start shipping ACK Modules with Espressif chipset firmware 0068, ACK Modules with MediaTek chipset firmware 1460 from April 15, 2021. Therefore, ACK partners are advised to evaluate compatibility and stability of their devices with latest resources by April 4, 2022 and report any issues / concerns to

Is the ACK firmware/Device SDK update mandatory?

The latest ACK Module Firmware version updates are not mandatory. However, ACK recommends its partners to always use latest stable versions of Firmware to keep in sync with latest features and bug fixes.

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