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Skill Functionality Essentials: Valid set of credentials to complete account linking

There are multiple skills that use account linking in the Alexa catalog which need a one- time account linking with user details to provide access into the skill. It is essential that, as the developer, you provide a valid set of credentials to the certification team for a seamless user experience.

In the Distribution tab, under Testing Instructions is where the testing team looks for valid test credentials (email ID/Password/OTP/Passcode/Username/Account number etc.). As the developer, you can also provide the steps to complete the registration/set up here for sign up options in external (non-Alexa) authentication page. For Multi Capability Skill s(MCS), Smart home skills and custom skills which require devices, it is mandatory to provide test credentials.

How to ensure a seamless account linking experience for the customers:

  1. Log into the Alexa app as an Alexa user who has not yet enabled the skill.
  2. Enable the skill.
  3. Once the login page for your skill is displayed, log in and verify the account linking flow before submitting the skill for certification.
  4. Ensure that the login page for your skill is displayed correctly. You can successfully log in using an account with the service. After connecting the accounts, you can successfully invoke each intent that requires authentication.

For a smart home skill, Link the skill with test credentials before you submit. When you submit your skill for certification, automated tests check for common certification issues. To ensure that your skill passes these tests, use your Amazon developer account to link your skill with a test account in your other system before you submit and follow the below process:

  1. In your other system, make sure you have a test account to use with your skill. For example, if your skill connects with your "Ride Hailer" service, you need a Ride Hailer test account. Be sure to use a test account for this purpose, as you will need to share the credentials for this account with the certification team.
  2. Log in to the Alexa app with the Amazon developer account you used to create the skill.

Below is a quick checklist to ensure a seamless account linking experience for our users:

Kindly ensure that you must use your Amazon developer account for these steps:

  1. Enable your skill in the Alexa app and start the account linking flow.
  2. Test that the skill is successfully linked to the other service. Your Amazon developer account should now be connected with the test account in the other service.
  3. When you submit your skill, provide the credentials (account, password and any 2FA related information) for the test account in the Testing Instructions field. If any 2FA is present, it should be disabled before submitting for certification.

Happy skill building!

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