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Goodbye AVS v1 and Hello AVS v2

Alexa Voice Services (AVS) launched its first version (v1) in 2015, which included various features such as speech recognizer and audio player APIs etc. AVS v1 is scheduled to deprecate by Sep 30th, 2021, which means the product made on v1 needs to be rebuild with AVS v2. To know more about new and updated AVS features, see blogs and documentation in the documentation changelog.


Q1: What happens to the products using AVS v1?

A: Following the depreciation on September 30, 2021, all connected devices using the v1 API will no longer retain connection to Alexa

Q2: What are the next steps after AVS v1 deprecation?

A: Developer needs to shut down the product using AVS v1. Developer should build a new AVS product by using newer version of AVS Device SDK or either by using open APIs given here - API v20160207.

You can also refer to the below resources for help:

Q3: Is there a quick migration possible from AVS v1 to AVS v2?

A: No, the migration from AVS v1 to AVS v2 is not possible. You need to build a new AVS product (using AVS v2 or Device SDK) to connect with Alexa, which has updated features.

If you have questions, contact us via Alexa Developer Contact Us page.

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