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What is Alexa Developer Contact Us ?

The Alexa Developer Contact Us Channel is where you can get guidance on certification related inquiries and general skill building from Alexa Developer Support.

We will respond to you by email. You will typically receive a reply within two business days. However, depending upon contact volume, it may take longer to receive a response. If you need an answer quickly, please take a look at our Alexa Skills Kit Knowledge Base and Alexa Developer Forum

To create a contact case

1. Sign in to the
2. In the upper-right corner, choose "Contact Us"
3. Choose Type, Category and Subject
4. Follow the prompts to describe your case.
5. Choose Submit. Your case ID number and summary appear.

Describing your problem

Make your description as detailed as possible. Include relevant information, along with anything else that might help us understand your issue. For example, to troubleshoot performance, include timestamps and logs. For feature requests or general guidance questions, include a description of your use case and purpose.

When you provide as much detail as possible, you increase the chances that your case can be resolved quickly.

What is a case resolution?

We will set the status to resolved once we respond. However, you are able to reply to the case and reopen the case. To do so, you can reply to us through the link at the bottom of the message.


To help us improve our service, please respond to the survey through the link provided.

Guidelines for contacting

We strive to provide quick and accurate support to resolve questions. To help us better serve you, please follow these guidelines:

  • To protect developers and customers, we decline requests that are not consistent with our policies. If we’ve informed you that no further action will be taken on an issue, don’t seek to obtain a different outcome by reopening the case or raising it again in other cases. Amazon may close cases or limit support if you don’t follow these guidelines.


  • We will route security-related concerns to the appropriate team; however, we cannot guarantee quick resolution of such concerns depending on the complexity and severity of the issue.
  • We're unable to provide specific coding guidance or suggestions.
  • If you are not an Alexa skill developer and have a question about using a skill or Echo device, please reach out to the Amazon customer support team. They're available via e-mail, phone or live chat:
  • If you have questions about a Blueprints skill that you've created, please reach out to the Blueprints support team using either the "Call Customer Service" or "Email Customer Service" links on the left-hand side:

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