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How to select your preferred marketplace

Why do I need to select a preferred marketplace?

By default, Amazon Assistant sets the language and Amazon marketplace for your Amazon account based on your geographic IP location. Due to this, if you have skills in different locales, you may have trouble searching for them in the skills store, as a skill's language model/locale must match a user's account marketplace information in order to be available to them. Selecting or changing your preferred marketplace to match with your skill's language model/locale will ensure that you are able to successfully search for and locate it.


  1. Sign into your Amazon retail account
  2. From the “Account for Amazon” drop down menu at the top right, select “Your Account”
  3. Navigate to "Your Content and Devices"
  4. Select “Change your digital and device settings” from the “Things you can do” section
  5. Click "Country/Region Settings"
  6. Click "Change"
  7. Either choose an existing address from the dropdown menu or change it to match the language model/locale information for your skill
  8. Click "Update"
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