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Common AVS Questions & Answers

Question 1: How Do I Remove an AVS Device from the "Products" Tab of the AVS Console? The "Delete Product" Button Is Grayed Out.

In order to avoid any negative customer impact, it's only possible to remove an AVS device from the "Products" tab of the the AVS Console after all customers of that product have de-registered. If the device in question was just a test device like a Raspberry Pi, then there was likely only ever one registered user, you the developer. You can therefore de-register the device from your own Amazon retail account which will then make the "Delete Product" button clickable.

Deregister AVS Device from Amazon Retail Account

You may de-register yourself through your Amazon retail account by following the steps outlined here:

Delete Device from AVS Console

Once you've de-registered yourself, the "Delete Product" button should now be clickable. To delete your AVS product then, please do the following:

  1. Sign into your AVS developer console:
  2. Click the "Product Name" of the product in question
  3. Click "Delete Product"

Question 2: I'm Attempting to Setup My AVS Device and Getting an Error Message Which Says "An Error Occurred When We Tried to Process Your Request. Rest Assured, We’re Already Working on the Problem and Expect to Resolve It Shortly."

During the AVS device setup process, one of the things you need to do is "register" so that the device is associated with your Amazon account. However, it’s relatively common for developers to accidentally input the incorrect Login with Amazon Client ID. Inputting the incorrect Login with Amazon Client ID is the most common cause of the error message cited above.

The Client ID you’ll want to use can be generated from the "Other devices and platforms" tab of the "Product Details > Security Profile" page for your product. For more information, including screen-shots, please refer to the following documentation:

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