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Can I access my year end Tax Documents online?


Your year-end tax forms are now available for download online in the Appstore Tax Dashboard. To securely download your forms, follow the steps below.

1. Log into the Apps and Services Developer Portal

2. Click “Settings” followed by “Tax Identity”

3. Click “View/Provide Royalty Tax Information” button or “View/Provide Service Tax Information” button

4. Scroll to the “Year-end tax forms” section

5. Click the “Find Forms” button

6. Copy the password that’s generated under the “Download” button

7. Click “Download”

8. Enter the password provided to view your forms

If you did not consent to receive your year-end tax forms electronically, a hard copy was also be sent by mail to the address on file on or before February 1, for the 1099-MISC or March 15, for the 1042-S.

For general information, please consult the Tax sections in our FAQs at

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