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Tips for a Successful Alexa Skill Certification: ISP - Providing an Upsell in Alexa Skill

Skill should provide upsell/ purchase suggestion of the in-skill products available for the user to purchase

Before getting started with ISP, below are some additional resources:
Help Customers find your in-skill products
Learn how to write Effective Upsells
How to make a purchase suggestion

An upsell is something you present to your customer when you identify an opportunity to sell them one of your in-skill products. An example of this might be offering another story in your storybook skill, or more questions from your trivia skill.

If your skill offers premium content to the users, the first upsell is important as its an opportunity to inform the users about it. Its purpose is to inform users about the existence of paid items and to gather interest in knowing more about these items. It is recommended that the upsell is a yes/no question with a clear selling proposition. In order to make a good up-sell to the customers, make sure the first upsell is coherent, thoughtful and it uses crisp and clear communication about the premium content.

Please follow the examples below to understand how the Upsell should be framed:
Customer: "Alexa, Play World Football Trivia"

Good Example:
Alexa: "You can start playing with a subscription to World Football Trivia. Unlock ten daily challenge questions, half-price mega-trivia question packs, and extra free hints every month. New members get it free for 30 days. Want to learn how to subscribe?

Bad Example:
Alexa: "Sorry, you need a subscription to World Football Trivia to start playing. New members get it free for 30 days. Want to learn how to subscribe?"

In order to make sure that the skill passes the skill certification process and help the testers review your skill, it is important to provide specific details on how to reach all in-skill product(s) when submitting your skill for certification. You are recommended to use the Testing Instruction Section to provide the steps in the below format:

Product Name:
Steps To Reproduce:
Expected Result:

Here are some useful resources to guide you through the steps to write good upsell for ISP products:

In case, if your skill will no longer be supporting this content as a premium option, please discontinue or delete the corresponding in-skill product(s). More information here:

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