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Why are my images not uploading?   


In order to complete your app submission’s “Images & Multimedia” tab, you will need the following assets:

  • One (1) small icon (114 pixels by 114 pixels)
  • One (1) thumbnail icon (512 pixels by 512 pixels)
  • Three (3) screenshots of your app (1024 pixels by 600 pixels OR 800 pixels by 480 pixels)
  • One (1) promotional image with your app name (1024 pixels by 500 pixels; landscape ONLY)

We encourage you to provide unique screenshots of your app’s content to give your end users a clear overview of your app’s features. Further information can be found here: Submission: App Details

If your images do not upload onto the “Images & Multimedia” tab, please check the pixel size of your screenshots. Please also make sure that you are uploading the correct screenshots to the correct submission slot. (For example, an error message will appear if you upload an icon as an app screenshot.)

Once you have uploaded all the required multimedia assets and click the “Save” button, a green check mark should show up next to the “Images & Multimedia” tab. If you see this, this means that the tab is considered complete and you can move onto the next tab of your app submission.

If there is no green check mark, please check to see if you have uploaded images and multimedia for each of your localized languages. If you have chosen additional supported languages on your app’s “Description” tab, you will need to provide a set of multimedia for each of those languages as well as translated release notes on the “Release Notes” tab.

If you still need assistance, please raise a “Contact Us” (via “Support” > “Contact Us”) with the app name and identifying app information (such as Version ID) to assist us in investigating your situation.

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