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Tips for a Successful Alexa Skill Certification: Display Devices For an ISP

In-skill purchasing (ISP) lets you sell premium content such as game features and interactive stories with a custom interaction model. Buying in-skill products should be seamless to a customer. Take a look at our Certification Tips for Monetized Alexa Skills for details on implementing this feature.

If you decide to add in-skill product(s) and they only work on a device with a screen, your skill must include the following disclaimer:

"This [insert premium content description here] can only be accessed on a device with a screen."

For example: “This Premium Facts Pack can only be accessed on a device with a screen."

In terms of where to add these messages within your skill, it’s important to note the following:

  • For entitlements and consumables: the disclaimer must be included in the purchase prompt description
  • For subscriptions: the skill must include an up-sell message, and then include the disclaimer in that up-sell message

Additional information to keep in mind regarding ISP is as follows:

  • Up-sells are instances in which you recommend a product to your customer
  • You should ensure that your product offers occur in a context that makes sense to the user. A user should know what they are being asked to purchase and why
  • Your skill’s purchase prompt should not include the list price and the product suggestion and purchase prompt should be different
  • No up-sells should occur for discontinued products

For more on how to edit your purchase prompt description and up-sell message, please refer to the documentation here:

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