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Good User Experience for Example Phrases

Example phrases are part of a skill's description and are therefore visible to all users who search for your skill in the Alexa Skill Store. They can help your customers get a better understanding about the functionality of your skill by providing some sample requests. For that reason, all your chosen example phrases must provide an accurate and working user experience.


A good example phrase:

  • Provides a contextualized response to the user's request and can be used to provide more information about the potential features of your skill
  • Is not erroneous or irrelevant and provides understandable responses for your customers
  • Is completely modeled on your existing sample utterances to minimize any recognition problems
  • Is free of errors to avoid any kind of confusion or misunderstandings
  • Uses an appropriate volume if audio playback responses are part of your skill


Make sure that all your example phrases meet the listed requirements above. Keep in mind that any other mentioned sample phrase in your skill's description must provide a valid user experience as well.

Check out this blog post for more details on example phrases:

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