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Tips for a Successful Alexa Skill Certification: Language in Skill Metadata

Metadata is important for all types of skills since it informs your users about the details of your skill and how they can use it to enhance their Alexa experience. If your skill model has multiple language locales, you should make sure the metadata of each locale is in the same language as the locale.

To update the metadata of your skill to meet the language requirements, please go to the “Distribution” tab of your skill and enter the Store Preview information in a language that matches the language of the locale.
If your skill is a Blueprints skill, please go to the Skills You’ve Made page on Blueprints portal and select the skill. From the Skill Details page, click on the edit button, and then click on the edit icon next to “About the skill” section to update the skill details (description, opening phrase, icon, etc.).

For more information on Skill Metadata:

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