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How Long Does Certification Take?

If you recently submitted an Alexa skill for certification, you may be wondering how long the review process will take. As a developer, you can now track the progress of your skill within the developer console. Under the “Certification” tab, you can see:

  • Your skill's status
  • An estimated date of certification
  • Your skill's submission history
  • What countries your skill will be available in

You can also follow your skill's review progress through the Skill Management API (SMAPI).

For more information, please refer to the following documentation:

Developer Console:


Please note that the certification turnaround time can vary depending upon the type of skill and the type of test plan that skill requires. This includes policy, security, functional, voice interface and user experience tests. In order to ensure a faster certification process, we highly recommend reviewing our skills Submission Checklist and building your skill with these tests in mind.

Once the review is complete, the Alexa skill certification team will provide certification status directly to the e-mail address associated with your developer account. If you’re not sure what that e-mail address is, take a look at the “Why Am I Not Receiving Skill Certification Feedback?”article for more details.

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