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New ACK Module Firmware 1332 is available for download from ACK developer console   

On March 31, 2020, Alexa Connect Kit team released a new ACK Module Firmware 1332 that contains critical feature updates required for enabling GDPR compliance and bug fixes. Upgrading to this ACK Module Firmware 1332 from all previous firmware versions is highly recommended. Latest ACK Module Firmware can be downloaded from ACK developer console resources page. Complete list of features and bug fixes are below.


  1. Enhanced the anti-rollback validation logic used before applying ACK Module Firmware updates over-the-wire (OTW) or over-the-air (OTA). This feature is required to enable any future ACK Module Firmware update.
  2. Includes firmware updates required for enabling General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.
  3. Added support for ACK Module Firmware CLI command "devkit factory_reset_to_module" while module is in module-provisioned state. This command was previously only available when module was in the product-provisioned state. This enables module fixup after a failed ACK module product provisioning attempt.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented certain module diagnostic data from being sent to ACK services. The impacted diagnostic data indicated whether or not a module was successfully locked during device manufacturing. This fix is required to follow ACK manufacturing best practices.
  2. Fixed a bug in ACK module firmware version 1326 (now deprecated) that would put the ACK module into a boot loop if it was in module-provisioned state. This fix is critical when you are updating your modules from previous versions of ACK firmware (1070 & 1256) to latest version (1332).

Known Issues

  1. ACK module registration might fail occasionally. Rebooting module will bring it back into setup mode and re-registration can be attempted.
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Did this program disappear? I can't seem to find a place to be able to purchase blocks of device IDs, such as the one used to register the Espressif developer hardware that I have. I have written the email address associated with releasing a product several times with no response.

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Espressif developer 不用裝置ID 可以開發

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