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How do I delete my App/IAP items from my Developer Portal dashboard?   


For history and tracking purposes, we are not able to delete apps or IAP items from your Developer Portal dashboard. Please note that if your app has not been published live, it will not be available for download on the Amazon App Store and your end users will not have access to it.

If your app is currently live and you would like withdraw it from the Amazon App Store, please log in to your developer portal account as an administrator and go to "Apps & Services" > the individual submission page for app in question. On the individual app's submission page, you will see a request form next to the "Submit App" button in the lower right hand corner. Please complete the form with the necessary information and submit the request. If you are signed into your company's developer account as an administrator and are unable to locate this request form, please contact us ( with exact app title(s), Version ID(s), and withdrawal reason(s) for assistance.

Please follow the instructions given in "How do I remove my live app from sale in the Amazon Appstore?"

If you would like to remove a specific IAP item from your app, please see "How do I remove a specific IAP item from my app?"

Once we receive your request, we will be glad to assist.

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