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Self-Service Alexa Skill Publishing Now Available

Developers can now control when their skill goes live after certification using the self-service publishing feature. With this new feature, you can schedule a skill to go live on the Alexa skill store at a specific future date.

To use this feature, choose the “Just Certify” option under Certification > Submission tab on the developer console when submitting the skill for certification.

Once the skill is certified and moves to the “Certified” status, in the Certification > Submission tab, you can either:

  1. Choose to publish the skill at a time of your choosing using the “Publish Now” option or
  2. Schedule the skill to go live at a future date through the “Publish on [DATE] [TIME SLOT]” option.

For more details, please refer the following documentation:

Submitting a Skill For Review

Publish a Skill that Has Been Certified

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