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Populate custom slot values with URL reference to an existing catalog

We are excited to announce the launch of reference based Catalog management features (SMAPI and CLI) for managing custom slots. Using this feature, developers can now create slot types to ingest values from an external data source with a URL reference to the catalog. For example, a recipe skill developer will now be able to pull a list of ingredients from their existing catalog instead of having to enter each individual ingredients and keep both data sources in sync.

Learn more:

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Awesome feature. It doesn't talk anything about certification, so overall, if I update slot values in catalogue, do they get instantly updated in my live skill or will they go live after next certification?

Also, what are other limitations? Like amount of values, etc. etc.

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I'd be interested in using this feature, but I think we need some more documentation about how it works. The linked document just describes the commands for editing the catalog, but doesn't describe how you'd use it with a slot, or what a catalog looks like. Is there another place to look for this info?

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