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ANNOUNCEMENT 9/10/2019 - Saved Setting Feature Live

Thank you for your continued feedback on the new product creation experience. To save you time, today we are launching a feature allowing you to save a default set of publish settings. To save settings, visit the Create page and select any combination of products, marketplaces, fit types, colors, prices, and product details. Clicking the “Save publish settings” button will update your default settings for all future publishes. You can remove your custom settings by either clicking the “Delete” link or saving new settings.

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Yeah? That button doesn't

Work no what?

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Anyone working on getting that DRAFT option in the pull down to actually be available?

The saved setting feature is only a plus if every... single.... one... of your products are the same.

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ScottFromWyoming avatar image ScottFromWyoming Teresia Keller commented ·

Or if you never sell in Germany or never list tank tops etc.

My default is Black Standard US $19.99 only. Then I add whatever I want. That's better than having to un-check everything every time.

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