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Tips to Ensure a Successful Hindi Alexa Skill Certification

You can now develop skills in Hindi or update your existing skill with a Hindi version and reach a greater number of Alexa users in the near future. Please refer the launch blog for more information. Before submitting your skill for certification and publishing on the Alexa India store, ensure that you go through the skill certification checklist. Here are some pointers to ensure a successful certification:

1. Test Invocation Names and Sample Utterances Rigorously Before Submitting: Due to nuances of the Hindi language, it is recommended that you conduct rigorous voice testing for the invocation name and sample utterances/example phrases on the developer test console and ensure they are recognized by Alexa, before submitting your skill for certification.

For a detailed guide on testing on developer console, refer our guide here: Test Your Skill on the Developer Console

2. Use देवनागरी for Hindi Words and Latin for English or Anglicized Words in Skill Name, Invocation name, Interaction Model and Description: When composing the skill title, invocation name, interaction model and skill description on the store:

  • Use देवनागरी script to write Hindi words in applicable cases.
  • Use Latin characters (A-Z) to write English words and anglicized words in applicable cases.

Please check the illustrated correct and incorrect usage use cases below for clarity:

As a general rule, when in doubt, in case it is unclear if a particular word should be written in Devanagari or Latin, prefer using Latin script.

For more details, please refer our detailed guide here: Use Hindi in Your Alexa Skill

3. Use Correct Hindi Spellings in the Skill Name, Invocation name, Description and Interaction model: To ensure a successful skill certification, please conduct a thorough Hindi spelling check for the content going into the skill name, invocation name, skill description as well as all the utterances in the interaction model. Skills with incorrect spellings in content will fail certification.

4. Use the Correct Format for Hindi Skill Example Phrases: Make sure that the example phrases provided in the distribution tab for the skill are in the right format and follow the invocation name requirements specified here.

For detailed guidelines, please refer our certification guidelines here.

Some More General Guidelines

When choosing your invocation name and composing utterances:

  • Use the (.) symbol for a full stop when composing utterances.
  • Use Latin Numerals (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) for Numbers in your skill.
  • Use Latin script for Acronyms (R. B. I, I. S. R. O.) in invocation names and utterances.

For more detailed guidance, please refer our detailed guide on Hindi language usage here.

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