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What To Do If My Skills Are Missing From The Developer Console

If you're unable to find your skills in the Developer Console, there are a few possible causes.

1: Verify you are in the correct Developer Account

Amazon Developer Account owners have the ability to invite additional users to their accounts. If you were previously invited to collaborate with another developer, it's possible that you're looking at that developer's account instead.

1. Log into your Alexa Developer Console

2. Click the middle circular button in the top right with your initials or your business' initials in the top right corner.

3. Hover your mouse over "Change User"

Note: If you do not see this "Change User" option, then you have not been added to another account.

4. Click on the name of your own account to toggle back and see your own Alexa skills.

2: Accidentally Created A New Account

You may have created a different account. You can check the following:
1. Log into your Alexa Developer Console

2. Click the middle circular icon in the upper right and choose "Settings"

3. Verify that the email address listed next to "Email address" is correct

3: Browser Issues

It's possible that your browser's cache needs to be cleared or that there's an add-on installed that's interfering with the Alexa developer console.
Using an alternative browser, please try again. If this was successful, then we'll have isolated the problem to the browser being used previously. In that event, since you'd likely want to continue using the browser you had been, we'd recommend clearing out the browser's cache and restarting. Steps to do so for the three main browsers can be found here:

Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

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Add Users to Your Organization's Developer Account

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