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How do I participate in Kindle FreeTime Unlimited?


FreeTime Unlimited is a monthly subscription service that provides unlimited access to kids' entertainment, including thousands of child-appropriate books, movies, apps, and games. Kids can access FreeTime Unlimited content on Fire tablets by using the free FreeTime app.

Content included in FreeTime Unlimited is highly curated. To participate in Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You have developed a kids-appropriate app or game for sale at Amazon
  2. You are willing to build a binary for that app that meets the following requirements:
    • In-app purchase offers removed
    • All social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) features removed.
    • Advertisements removed—your app must not display any advertisements.
    • No access to webviews—your app must not expose any web browser-like views to the customer. The Kindle FreeTime app blocks access to the web. Customers will not have the ability to browse the web in Kindle FreeTime.
    • Location Based Services (LBS) must be turned OFF.

If your app meets these requirements, please send an e-mail to '' with the following information:

  1. Your name, company/developer name, and your preferred contact information
  2. A link to your company website
  3. A link to the app you would like to submit for consideration

Once the above information is received, the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited team will review your app and contact you. Please note that because the subscription content is highly curated, not all apps will be accepted.

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