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Why is there a gray checkmark in the descriptions tab?   


One of the most commonly overlooked items on the Description Tab are localized languages. If you are not used to providing multiple languages in your descriptions, you might have mistaken the “Save and Add a Translation” button as a way to save your changes and move on to the next tab. Clicking this button will save the changes you have made and then allow you to translate your description in one of our other supported localized languages.

If you believe you have entered all the required information on the “Description” tab, yet you do not see a green checkmark on this tab, check if there is a link under the tabs labeled “New Language”. If you see this link then you either need to finish filling out the required information for this language, or you can simply click the “Remove Translation” button, to remove the language altogether. When you are finished, simply click the save button and you should see a green checkmark on the “Description” tab.

If you have checked on these common issues and the check mark is still not green, please use the “Contact Us” form for further assistance.

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