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How to update LIVE Flash Briefing Skill Feed

Once your skill is published to the Alexa Skills Store, your skill status changes to "Live" and you cannot make any changes in the live version of the skill. A new "In Development" version is automatically created in the developer console, below the “Live” version. The development version has same information as the original live version and can be used to work on your skill and add features.

Steps to update the Feed URL for a LIVE skill:

1. Log in to the developer console

2. Locate the skill you would like to update. Below the “Live” version, there will be “In Development” version. Click on Edit.

3. On the Build page Click Edit

4. For Feed, enter the new URL of the feed.

5. Choose Add to add the feed.

6. Once you are finished adding feeds and ready to test your skill, click Save.

Once the feed URL is updated, you are now able to submit the “In Development” version of your skill for certification. Both versions of the skill, “Live” and “In Development”, remain in your list until the new version is certified. Once the new version is certified, it will replace the previous “Live” version. A new “In Development” version of your skill is then created in parity with the updated version, so that you can continue making updates to the newly certified version.

NOTE: Once the skill goes “Live”, only the “Feed URL” can be changed. The “Feed Name” cannot be updated.

For more information on Feed Updating, see our Tech Doc, Updating Your Feed.

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