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How to edit device support?   


The Amazon Appstore Developer Portal now allows you to target specific non-Amazon devices in your app submission. You can search for the devices that you want to target or exclude from your app’s device support.

To use this function for a “Live” app, first create an app update via “Add Upcoming Version”, then simply go to your app’s “Binary File(s)” tab > “Edit” > the “Device Support” section > “Edit device support”.

Based on your app’s manifest, the Device Support screen for non-Amazon Android devices will automatically select compatible devices. Incompatible devices will have the message “incompatible due to manifest” underneath and will be grayed out for selection. Please note that your app will not be made available on any devices that are not supported by your app’s manifest. If you are targeting just a few non-Amazon devices, you may choose to disable the “Enable non-Amazon devices” toggle at the top of the device support list to deselect all devices and then select only the non-Amazon devices that you wish to allow your app to be available on. The non-Amazon devices listed are the most commonly used devices. This list will expand over time as we continue to add new devices. As there are thousands of non-Amazon devices that are not listed currently, if you want to target those devices, please keep the “All other Android devices” toggle ENABLED at the bottom of the device support list.

This list of non-Amazon devices is grouped by manufacturer. For further information about how to use the search function to find specific device(s), please go to "How do I use the Device Support search function to find a specific device?" for more details.

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