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I think merch sellers would appreciate it if there was a way we could have all of our designs show up on one page for the t-shirts and PopSockets we create.

For example: When I click on my brand name above the title of my merch products it takes me to a page that has all the shirts I design but not the PopSockets I also design. I think this feature would help Merch sellers because it would be easier to advertise one link that takes customers to all of the designs by that seller.

Thank you!

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Over time, you'll have shirts that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Pro Trump, Anti Trump for example, but it could be anything. You will want to keep groups together AND separate, so all of this has to be done manually.

And of course the bad news is if you get a hot seller, unethical people will find it, then tear through all of your listings and steal your ideas. So having 100 unique "Brand names" is a sort of a firebreak against that problem.

You can create a Store, though, if you set up your AMS, and curate a selection of designs just for a particular market.

Or create a website and go crazy...

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So having 100 unique "Brand names" is a sort of a firebreak against that problem.

Unfortunately having hundreds of brand names gives thieves a way to hide.

If they had to list their stuff under one brand, or a few brands, people could hunt down and report all the people that use Merch Informer to rip off whatever is selling well.

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This. I'd like to see everyone be forced to use one brand name. It's a little more difficult to hide unscrupulous behavior when you have to put your name on it.

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I came here to request the same thing! I would love one page to show ALL my Amazon products - my Merch T-shirts, my H@A - everything. If people don't want it, they can choose not to do it, but as a small business, I'd really like the option to promote my entire product line with one URL.

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