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I don't understand the test results?   


During the app submission process, you will select the intended device compatibility under “Binary File(s)” > “Device Support” for your app. This determines the range of Amazon and Non-Amazon devices that the app will be tested on. After the testing process is completed, an Amazon feedback email is sent to your registered account email address. This report includes the status of the app and its device compatibility along with observations, if any. Observations are usually the test issue(s) observed by Amazon’s testing team during the testing and review process. You are expected to fix the reported issue(s) to provide the best end customer experience. Steps to reproduce the issue(s) on the reported device(s) are provided in the feedback email. Please note that these emails are sometimes caught by spam and junk mail filters, so please check if your app is in “Pending Action” status on your developer account.

If you need further information to troubleshoot an issue, including log files and screenshots, you can file a “Contact Us” request. Please include the name of the app in your “Contact Us” request. Contact Us link:

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