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What do user permissions mean?   

Summary: There are four roles that each user on a company’s developer account can have — Administrator, Marketer, Developer, and Analyst — and each role has its own set of user permissions. Choosing the correct user permission(s) for each user allows the account owner to control what each user can see or do in the company’s developer account.

Administrator – This role grants complete access to all sections of the developer account, including reporting and payment information. Most importantly, any account administrator has the ability to manage user permissions, including inviting or removing users from the account.

Marketer – This role gives users the ability to access multimedia content associated with apps. For app submissions, this role has access to nearly all tabs except for “Binary File(s)”. This role also has access to sales reporting.

Developer – This role allows users to create new app submissions and access the “Binary File(s)” tab. However, this role has limited access to the rest of the app submission process and to the developer account as a whole.

Analyst – This role allows users to view the developer account’s financial information, including sales, earnings, and payment reports. This role has no access to the app submission process (view-only)

If you have administrator privileges on your company developer’s account, you can also view a general comparison chart under “Settings” > “User Permissions” > “Show Permissions Matrix” to see what each user role can view and change within your developer’s account.

For further details on each role, please refer to:

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