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My App is Approved and not yet Live, what should I do?


Our goal is for Amazon customers to have a good experience with every app they download. Sometimes, this means that your app’s review and testing process will take longer than projected. Please note that the provided ETA for your submitted app to go “Live” in the Amazon Appstore is an estimated time, and will differ from app to app. We appreciate your patience as we review and test your app.

Please note that if you have a Future Release Date on your app submission, you will be given an ETA for your app to reach “Approved” status. If you change your Future Release Date before that date is reached, you may also change the expected timeframe for your app to become available on the Amazon Appstore.

If you have a particular concern that your app’s ETA to “Live” status on the Amazon Appstore has been missed, please sign into your company’s developer account and raise a Contact Us with your inquiry.

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