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How do I Qualify for the $6 CPM Promotion?


Starting on September 1st 2015 the Amazon Mobile Ad Network will be offering $6 CPM for qualifying apps displaying interstitial ads until November 30th 2015. Only applications that have integrated the Amazon Mobile Ads API for the first time on or after July 14th, 2015 will be eligible for this offer. Existing apps already sending ad requests do not qualify. To determine if your app qualifies for this follow these steps. Step 1: Integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads API into your Application (for the first time) on or after July 14th, 2015. Existing apps already sending ad requests do not qualify. Step 2: Display interstitial Ads from September 1st 2015 until November 30th 2015. Step3: Your displayed interstitial ads will qualify for the $6 CPM promotion. More details regarding this promotion can be found here:

Note that both modeless and modal interstitial ads qualify for the promotion. Creating a new app key for an application that is already using Amazon Mobile Ads is not allowed. The date of an app’s first ad request is considering the date that mobile ads were integrated. You can start serving ads at any time but will not be paid $6 CPM until September 1st. Apps published on Google Play will only be eligible for the $6 CPM promotion if the same app is also published on the Amazon Appstore.

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