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Amazon Mobile Ads Frameworks for Unity iOS


The Amazon Mobile Ads plugin for Unity is a great way to implement mobile ads across multiple platforms using a single SDK. However, some additional steps need to be taken when targeting iOS devices. The Amazon Mobile Ads framework must be included in the application’s XCode project. This framework can be found in the Amazon Mobile App SDK directory under iOS -> Ads -> AmazonAd.framework.

You will also need to add the following native iOS frameworks:

AdSupport CoreLocation SystemConfiguration CoreTelephony MediaPlayer EventKit EventKitUI StoreKit

Additional instructions for incorporating the API into your project can be found here:

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my app close and crashes if i start displaying an ad-banner. But it loads... then some seconds later the app is closed. Any idea?

Here is my logging:

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This might be the same issue I reported here.

Try adding a listener for every event that Amazon send back, even the ones you don't require.

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