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How do I add new users to my developer’s account?   


Please be aware that any current administrator on your company’s developer account can invite new users.

To invite a new user to your company's account, please log into the Developer Portal with administrative privileges and go to "Settings" > "User Permissions" > "Add New".

Each user can hold up to four different role(s) on your company’s developer account – each with differing levels of access and permissions. You can use the “Show permissions matrix” to see a quick overview and comparison of each role’s permissions. For further information, please see:

What do User Permissions Mean

Add your new user with the desired role(s) and hit “Save” to send an invitation email to the new user. The invitation status will show as “Pending” until the new user accepts the invitation and completes any necessary registration information to join your company’s developer account.

If this automated email invite is not received, please double-check the invite email address, resend it with the “Resend invitation” button, and ask the new user to check their email filters. If this invitation needs to be canceled, you can use the “Remove Access” link to disable the new user’s account access.

Please note that your new user will need to accept the account invitation via the emailed invitation link; this link will redirect your new user to the Developer Portal to complete the user creation process. Your new user should not go directly to the Developer Portal to register as this may create a separate developer account for them.

Once the invitation has been accepted and the new user is added as a user on your company's account, their status will turn to “Active” on the “User Permissions” page.

If you run into issues inviting new users to your company’s developer account, please "Contact Us" for further assistance.

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